Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our first date with Garth Brooks

- Insert high school story here :) -
I was a varsity cheerleader for our football team.  We were in the playoffs.  It was the final game before making it to "The Dome" for the state championship, and the Monarchs were playing at home.  For a tiny little school playing 9-man B-school football that had never gone to "The Dome" before it was a Big Deal.

The playoff game also coincided with Garth Brooks playing in Sioux Falls.  And I had a ticket (to go with my family and cousins).

I decided to stay and cheer at the game.  We lost.  (Here's the irony: I don't remember anything else about that night anymore, other than the fact I did NOT go to see Garth Brooks.)

Fast forward 15 years.  On September 20 (and for a lot of other days) Garth Brooks was in town.  THE Garth Brooks.

Now, I knew he was coming, and had planned to get tickets - but as mommies are wont to do, I forgot.  And then they got sold out.  And then we would've had to find a babysitter anyway.  It would be our first night away from E.  Whatever.  Not going.  Another missed opportunity.  One I would probably think about for another 15 years (I'm not melodramatic at all).  But fine.

OUT OF THE BLUE, I get an email from an old colleague who had two tickets and did we want them?  YES YES YES.  Not only were they 'tickets', they were premium tickets in this little special area (not a box seat, but similar concept down on the floor).  OMG YES YES YES.

Grandma came down, and we went out for the first time since March!!!!

To say this was one of the most incredible music experiences of my life is an understatement.  

It is probably number 3, behind 1) singing the Monteverdi Gloria at the Cathedral in Rapid City in college, 2) singing in centuries old buildings, in the birthplace of the great composers on a European tour, and 3) Garth Brooks concert (JT would be #4).

The energy in the room was incredible.  It was like fans had been waiting YEARS and YEARS just to have this shared experience.  It was electrifying.  

We had a blast.  After 15 years, Mr. Brooks, you did not disappoint.

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