Friday, January 25, 2013

The Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

Well, I gained over the holidays.  I'm talking about the period from early December to mid-January...cuz who celebrates ONLY Christmas Day?

My gain was 6.4 lbs.  SHEESH.  That's a lot.  (I did swinging things with kettlebells yesterday and the 10-pounder was torture!)

My loss at my weigh in last night was 2.4 lbs. 

I've been back ON the wagon (mostly) since right after Christmas but for a variety of reasons have not been officially able to weigh in.  So it's possible my post-Christmas gain was even more...which makes my loss even more important!

So far this week I've been able to stick to my plans pretty well - working out over lunch, and eating ONLY what I have packed in my lunchbox (ahem, not sneaking my samples out of procrastination).  (But just LOOK at the temptation!)

This weekend will be cold (for Atlanta), so I'm looking forward to Zumba tomorrow morning, and a few naps with my kitty!!!  What are your plans?

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