Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My first 5K!

Many of you might know that I signed up before Christmas for the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K run in Atlanta.

Thinking it would be motivation to keep on track and work out over the holidays...was a good plan...

But I knew if nothing else, I could WALK IT!.  AND SO I DID!!!

It was so close.  On Saturday night, I nearly - NEARLY - chickened out.  I was so, so, so nervous...about driving, parking, logistics, getting there on time, being early, checking my gear, meeting up with friends, finding my corral, and getting done in my time allotted.

Actually, we went to bed and Jeff still wasn't sure if I would be up at 5AM for it.

But thanks to my great co-worker Kathy and her daughter Lola, I knew I would have walkers waiting with me to do it.

Aren't we excited!!  We were at like, mile 2.9 and at the top of the LAST HILL!!

Guess who else I knew was waiting for me?  ADPI girls!  They were all runners though...

The race started (and ended) at Turner Field, home of the Braves.  The 5K folks went first by corral (I was in G), with the 15K folks following.  As our corral approached the start line, I was so grateful to see my friends Elaine, Scott, and Matt cheering us on and high fived us as they waited to start the 15K.

When you crossed the start line, your bib registered your start time, so it was a bit of a mad dash but not too bad.  Then the first hill!  WOWZA!  I didn't train well enough for the hills...but got an amazing view I will never ever forget...looking up the hill and see this huge mass of 20,000 people of all shapes and sizes running under the Olympic rings.  Amazing.

The best part of the race - other than finishing - was this super yummy finishers mug!  Complete with lots of Ghirardelli melted chocolate, whole chocolate, chocolate in liquid form, and dipping stuff (marshmallows, rice krispie bar, pretzels, banana)...YUM.

I was nervous, excited, cold, anxious, sweaty, happy, and PROUD of myself for finishing!!!  I think I'm hooked!

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Hudson said...

Great Job!! You are right they are very overwhelming the first couple of times, just getting were you are suppose to be. I hope you try another one, and then another. The race day jitters have proved to be motivational for me, so I hope they will be the same for you.