Friday, October 19, 2012

Practice Hike + Endurance Trail Running

Lois is here!!!

She arrived late Friday night, and we headed out bright and early on Saturday for a practice hike (4 miles) at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain.

We were just about to pull into the park when guess what we came across?

The North Face Endurance Challenge Atlanta!

What a super cool event!  They were hosting trail running of everything from an ultra marathon (53 miles on backwoods trails) to a 5K.  So, so, so cool - tents up, runners everywhere, was a cross between outdoorsman athelete and nerd fitness heaven.

But anyway - after oohing and ahhing - it was time to get OUR training on!  We did a pretty nature loop with moderate hills, at a fairly reasonable pace...but we HAD to stop and cheer RUNNERS on as they passed us in both directions.  SOOOO FUN!!!  They had on running gear, trail shoes, and maybe a water bottle hand-thingy.  WE had on full backpacks, poles, hydration packs, etc (granted, we didn't stop at water stations AND we were training for our Hike Inn weekend, so I'm going with that...).

I loved saying..."GOOOO NUMBER 5413A!!!  KEEP IT UP, YOU'RE DOING GREAT!"   It definitely inspired me to hike faster :).

NEXT YEAR...maybe we'll volunteer at a hydration / refueling station...I would LOVE it.  Or maybe I can even try a 5K?  Who knows.  But all I know, is I won't miss it next year - I'll be there in some capacity.

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