Monday, August 20, 2012

The Great Cool-Down

At what point do you start to think - oh, YEA!  The weather is changing!  It's going to be fall soon!

For me, it used to be when school started.  So, after Labor Day.  But Georgia schools are already in session and it's still August.  I think it's too early.

But, the temperature today FEELS fall-like.  It is 83 degrees. 

Wait, did I just say that was fall-like?  Isn't fall supposed to threaten snow?  Isn't it supposed to be light-to-heavy jacket weather?  Shouldn't the pumpkins be ready?

Not anymore!  Now, the temp drops below 80...and I have turned on my little space heater in my office.  It gets chilly, peeps!  And the tree at the entrance to my development is dropping leaves.


When is YOUR start date for fall?  And what triggers it?

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