Monday, August 13, 2012

My Top 10 Olympic Moments

The Hartman Household is FRENZIED over the Olympics.  WE LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!!

We have stayed up well past midnight - ALMOST EVERY NIGHT - over the last 2 weeks.  Last night they showed the "highlights" reel prior to the Closing Ceremonies.

Jeff and I grinned at each other: "Yep, we'd seen those already."

I don't think we missed a single 'highlights' moment this Olympics during the coverage.  And we also caught lots and lots of 'not-highlights' moments by virtue of Tivo-ing through 16 hours of programming per day.

So - although NBC has already done this I'm sure - without further ado, here are MY Top 10 Olympic moments. 

1.  McKayla Maroney's impeccable vault to literally vault the US Team into a great position on their first rotation.

2.  Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian ever.

3.  Misty and Kerri win their 3rd beach volleyball gold medal.
4.  USA Women's Swimming ROCKED.  Missy Franklin, Dana Vollmer, Rebecca Soni, Andrea Schmitt, Elizabeth Biesel, Katie Ledecky, Natalie Coughlin...I could go on but that's all I remember off the top of my head.

5.  USA Women's 4x100m Relay sets a new World Record.

6.  Kiran James exchanging bibs with Oscar Pistorius.

7.  The almost-upset of the American girl over the Chinese girl at Table Tennis

8.  Every match of the Indoor Volleyball team except the last 2 sets.

9.  Equestrian events are beautiful.  Even though I don't understand how to win.

10.  Gabby Douglas' triumph, wonderful story, her wonderful family and adopted family, and wonderful coach.  If only every 16 year old had a support system like that!
What was your FAVORITE moment?

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Marne said...

I think you hit all mine too... But also Ally on floor exercise and how the us gymnastics team loved and helped each other thru tough heartbreaking moments too.