Monday, February 13, 2012

Flooring Update

This weekend we accomplished (in no particular order)

0. Pulling out the last 'old' hardwood flooring board that was 1000% stuck
1. Learning how to use new flooring stapler (Jeff)
2. Figuring out how to set up jigsaw and miter saw cutting area in garage
3. Learning how to measure & use miter saw to cut boards (Jess)
4. Installing a new Cat Genie (new project)
5. Troubleshooting new Cat Genie when it filled up with poopy water (Jeff)
6. Spending 3 hours on the phone over the weekend with Cat Genie only to have them not figure it out and need to call back on Monday
7. Learning how to rack hardwood flooring. 4 different times. 4 different ways.
8. Lining up flooring to be straight without a chalk line.
9. Learning how to use a pneumatic air nailer to toe-nail boards
10. Discovering our air compressor was not powerful enough and needing to borrow the neighbors (thanks Chad)
11. Attending to first aid misadventures (broken skin and slivers)
12. Cooking made-at-home Egg McMuffins (delish by the way)
13. GAME NIGHT WITH FRIENDS (yippee!!!!!)
14. Bit o' laundry
15. Prepping paperwork for eye surgery on Wednesday

No wonder we only got 7 boards fully installed.

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