Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eye Surgery

Sorry for the lack of posting the past week...but I had eye surgery so I could not SEE to TYPE my awesome updates.

On Wednesday last week I went in for PRK. Yes it's sort of like Lasik in that it corrects your vision.

But in every other way (ie, the important ones like pain & recovery time) it is much sucky-er. They scrape off the protective layer of your cornea, laser your vision into submission, insert some protective lenses, squirt the hell out of your eyes with icy water, and send you on your way.

Here is a photo of me right after surgery - before the pain started.

As I was sitting in recovery, I started to feel a bit of an itchy burning. By the time I got out of recovery and in the car on the way home, prior to the Vicodin kicking in, I had a "wee bit o' panic attack" from the bright sun and pain...Jeff's "Get ahold of yourself" was all that it took for me to reel it in, but it was scary.

I proceeded to pretty much sleep and eat for 2.5 days. (Maddie thought it was the greatest 2.5 days ever. Kitty needs nap? Yes please.)

Then I started to move around but was still pretty drugged up. (Sorry, Lois, if my phone call was too hilarious.)

Finally by the weekend I could start moping about my blurry vision and still being in quasi-pain, but not enough for the good drugs (which also made me completely nauseous).

I 'listened to' Season 4 & 5 of Burn Notice. I 'listened to' NPR. I 'listened to' Taylor Swift. By Tuesday my brain was ready for work. My eyes were not. Today my brain was ready for work. My eyes kind of were, but not for driving.

HOPEFULLY TOMORROW MY DOC WILL CLEAR ME FOR EVERYTHING AND I CAN GO TO WORK!!!!!! I miss my Delta family. And shhhhhh...I'm a little bored.

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Amy said...

wow, it's hard to believe it was elective surgery. I hope it comes through for you Jess! It's also nice to see that people actually miss their jobs after a week away.