Monday, December 5, 2011

Hiking Adventures

Jeff and I are into hiking. It's official.

And we are REALLY into it. Over the long Thanksgiving weekend we went twice. And then again this past weekend.

On Friday after Thanksgiving, we headed to FDR State Park ... and 'accidentally' went 7 miles. Of rolling hilly mountains.

My body was not ready for this - my leg cramped so badly on the way home that we literally had to stop at a rest stop, lay down the seats to make way for cargo in the Jeep, and I laid down with my leg stretched out the rest of the way home. We also did not pack enough food or water - only 2 Clif bars and 64 ounces of water for the two of us...for almost 5 hours (oops). We obviously did not intend to go as far as we did - but we made it!

We vowed to do a shortie in celebration of our anniversary a couple days after, on Sunday, November 27th. We went to Sweetwater Creek State park and dropped off a "Seven Year Itch" Travel Bug in the geocache in honor of our anniversary. We did a much more manageable 4.2 miles.

This past weekend we went to the nicest private nature reserve I've ever seen, Dauset Trails. We shared the trail with mountain bikers (those dudes and chicks are SERIOUS) and kicked that trail's butt. It was relatively flat compared to what we've been doing, so we went for SPEED and increased our moving average by almost 0.5MPH. YIPPEE!

And lest I forget to mention...these were all done with my new best friends, Trekking Poles. I seriously want to use these poles just walking from my car into work...I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks Lois, for introducing me to the concept.)