Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bella's Last Day

We finally found a home for my girl, Bella. A co-worker of an old colleague of mine is going to adopt Bella this afternoon. We are meeting her after work.

I am heartbroken to have to say goodbye to my sweet girl after almost 9 years, but I am hopeful she is going to a home where she will be so much happier.

Jeff and I gathered up all of Bella's favorite things:
- Boomerang toy (the end of a rubber shoe insert...she loves it)
- Great White Mousie (a GIANT toy mouse)
- All of the little mousies that get thrown and chased
- Green Froggie and the Butterfly (catnip crinkle toys she's had forever)
- Jingly (a yellow wand with a orange toy and bell on the end)
- Prescription kitty treats for her gums

And also gathered some logistical items:
- Her kitty bed
- Airplane carrier
- Hardside carrier
- Medical records, shot records, and microchip information
- Extra food and container

It will be so hard to say goodbye today. I will miss her so much.

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Marne said...

Oh Jes... I"m hearbroken for you too. Sometimes our love is so great that we can put others needs above our own feelings so that they are happy. Know I"m thinking of you. I"m sure she will do great, but be gentle with yourself too. Love you!