Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My New Phone

I have firmly stepped into the 2010's...I have a smartphone.

Yes, I had a Blackberry for work before but it was LAME.

I am now the proud owner of an HTC Incredible 2 Droid.

My favorite features so far?
Number 1: Navigation.
Number 2: Weight Watchers food tracker.
Number 3: I can ACTUALLY hear people on the phone, and they can hear me.
Number 4: It holds a charge for longer than 6 hours.
Number 5: It doesn't randomly not work.



Dustin said...

Glad to see you went with the HTC. I think you'll like the interface a lot better than the others. When your here for Thanksgiving I can show you all sorts of stuff. But for starters check out GoogleSky and and search for caching apps android has tons and most are pretty good.

Jessica said...

I totally downloaded c:geo like, the day I brought it home. I also have a translator app for when we go to Italy in January!!! YIPPEE!!!