Friday, November 4, 2011

An explanation

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. Here are my top 5 excuses for not posting.

1. Jeff is back. WOO HOO!!! We have been spending all our extra free time together.

2. I wrecked our carpet. When I flooded the kitchen with the RO/DI water, I did not realize it also went into the dining room, which is carpeted. And so it sat for 3 days. Upon Jeff's return, we ripped out the padding and carpet in half the room to allow it to dry. I am very depressed about this, since it is 100% my fault and is going to be crazy expensive to re-floor 2 rooms.

3. Work is crazy. I know, I know - it's always crazy. But I literally have no cleverness or resources left at the end of the day...and I if I did, I'd spend them on the hubby.

4. I am on my health journey. I am extremely focused on eating healthier, and I just know you all are tired of hearing about my recipes or how I DIDN'T eat pizza when I wanted to.

5. It's been raining. Ok, I didn't really have a Number 5. But truly - did you guys know it rains A LOT in Georgia in the fall and winter???

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