Monday, October 4, 2010

Bye bye

Well, Jeff is off to Harvest 2010!!! Due to the wet year, a lot less acreage was planted, and hopefully it will be dry enough to bust tail as well and make a short year this year.

I know everyone's memory is still fresh of combining well into January last year. Hopefully this year will be done in advance of Thanksgiving!

Meanwhile, I am still here and holding down the fort with many items to focus on:
1) Work out
2) Eat healthy (for one, it's tough!)
3) Play with kitties and change their catbox
4) Maintain the saltwater tank
5) Clean the house at least once ;)
6) Chiro once a week
7) Allergy shots twice a week
8) Skin appointment / facial / health

1 comment:

Anna said...

Sounds like you will be busy. If you find yourself bored just jump on down here. :)