Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blanket Disaster

Grrr. Last night my hobby got the better of me. I sat down to stitch together the LAST STRIP of a giant, complicated baby blanket for my little niece, Maddie.

It was too long.

No biggie, I thought. This has totally happened before. I'll just snip a corner and pull a free string, and it will start unraveling. Apparently this pattern had other ideas. Every snip gave me a free string, one that immediately knotted itself.

An hour later, I had made several cuts and realized I didn't have enough yarn in the yarn ball left to "do over" and I better not destroy the rest of this. yarn So I pulled from the other end, totally UN-did the entire strip, and balled it up.

So much for finishing. Turns out I will have to re-crochet that strip to the correct length and THEN I'll be done. I guess that will be my project tonight!

Oh, and my Maddie is adding her own special touches to the blankie:

(I'll wash it before I give it to my niece in a few weeks. I promise!)

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