Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tyrone Founders Day

Happy 99th Birthday to the celebration of our town's formation!!!

Jeff and I headed out around 11:45AM this morning to take in the booths, food, and people and Handley Park. Little did we know we joined the unofficial 'tail end' of the parade that ended at noon...we were just trying to get cash and look for a parking spot!

The celebration had most traditional fair ware...of course no mini-donuts, but I have stopped looking for them (the only place I've seen them in the south is at the Delta Block Party when the MSP folks brought a booth down). I had a BBQ chopped chicken sandwich, Jeff had chicken strips and homemade chips, and then we shared a funnel cake. YUM!

We watched the awards celebration for all the best floats, the winners of the 5k Fun Run, and the announcement for all the pageant winners (5 categories from preschool to high school). Then we walked around to the booths and saw churches (lots), face painters, purses, tree removal services, and even stopped to chat at length with the Premier folks who can come and put in a new a/c for us.

But, when the thermometer hit 90 today and we were out of water, we decided it was time to head home before we both had heatstroke. But our hands are stamped to go back for fireworks at 9PM tonight!