Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pulled apart

So my chiro thinks that I have a bulged disc. Or maybe a herniated disc. It can be confirmed with an MRI but I am seriously not paying for that. Either way, he wants me to start something called "decompression". It is just a funny word that stands for "being pulled apart".

I went for my first session today and got strapped in an extremely tight vest just under my boobs and another one just around my waist. The straps by my chest were hooked to a table while I laid on my back, and the straps around my waist got hooked to something below my feet.

And then, it pulled by my feet. And pulled. And pulled. And then relaxed. And then pulled again.

I *think* it felt good and better, but I am totally not sure. I have at least 5 more treatments of this to see if I can get back on the road to recovery. Wish me luck!

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