Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little rest, and grief

Well, after having some pretty serious pain and soreness for a few days in the low back, I decided to take it easy at home today. I have kept up with all my emails and phone calls (for the most part) so hopefully life will not be too hectic on Friday.

After resting, then walking, then resting, then walking, I have determined this: Work makes me feel worse.

I think this is why: 1) my chair is super uncomfortable, 2) I don't probably get up often enough to walk around, and 3) I hate my coworkers seeing me as a chubby gimp.

But after this day of rest, I can definitely see light at the end of the tunnel...things feel a little better and less ibuprofen is required!

Also, being home today gave me a little time to grieve for my college friend, Colleen. She and her husband just lost their 4-week early baby, Regan. Please send up a little prayer for them and their two other children during this extremely difficult time.

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