Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things that happened this week

1. I am alive.
2. Bella and Maddie went to the vet and got health certificates and rabies shots.
3. Bella was so scared she peed herself. No idea how the plane ride will go.
4. Bella and Maddie have kitty anti-anxiety pills for the plane ride.
5. I went down and back to Atlanta for big fancy meetings with national sales reps for the hotels.
6. It snowed in MN and I missed it.
7. I bought a "Flight Crew 3" Travelpro suitcase, just like the flight attendants. Now I fit in. Who knew buying things made you cool?
8. I checked out and stayed at our hotel that will be our home for 8 days.
9. I made our hotel and car and plane reservations to move 1800 miles this week.
10. Jeff cleaned out the fridge, freezer, and deep freeze.
11. Jeff finished cleaning out the saltwater tank and it was much stinkier than the freshwater tank.
12. We prepared "The End of MN" list for this weekend, our final to-dos before we leave.

1 comment:

Marne said...

Sounds like you are almost ready to be Southerners!!!! Good luck with move! Travel safely. Love you guys!