Sunday, April 19, 2009

Forgotten in Minnesota

No, we have not forgotten all of our friends and family back home. BUT, we did forget the following:

1. Airbake cookie sheets (3)
2. Metal cake pans (2)
3. Pampered Chef cutting board with juice channels
4. Small apple cutting board
5. Wooden cutting board
6. Stacking cooling racks for cookies (3)
7. Muffin tin
8. Jelly roll pans with lids (2)

mmmmm....I think that's it, but we forgot basically everything that was in the compartment UNDER the oven and in a skinny cabinet right next to the oven. We discovered all of these missing items this afternoon - we are down to the last kitchen box, a box of cookbooks. Which is definitely not all baking stuff.

Technically, the movers forgot it but we signed off saying everything was packed. So. I guess we will need to re-purchase! Or get married again (?). Just kidding, Dad!

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