Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moving and Mowing

We unpacked boxes - lots - today. Jeff also mowed our front yard weed patch for the first time of the season, which was 2 weeks overdue. Did you know that dandelion season's almost over here??

The second night in the house last night (I know, I'm lame because I had to travel) was GLORIOUS! My own bed! It is sooooo dark and quiet our here in the country. And the birds in the morning...seriously, the kitties are in heaven.

Our new fridge (see previous post) and washer / dryer were delivered yesterday. So far all we have in the fridge is some Coke, but I am grocery shopping tomorrow. BUT - the washer and dryer have been put to good use today! Two weeks with both of us living out of a suitcase meant we needed to wash just about every pair of undies we own! And sheets. And new towels (because I get new towels for my new house. I called.).

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