Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today, only 2 boxes got unpacked. The rest of the day consisited of a lawn and landscape consultation, discovering what documents were required to get a driver's license and tag and title the cars, getting additional auto insurance as required by GA, picking up said insurance documents, gathering a million other vehicle forms and personal id's, getting the vehicles emission tested, driving 30 minutes to the DDS (GA's version of DMV), obtaining our licenses, driving 10 more minutes to the Tag and Title office, registering the car, finding out they do not take Visa or an out-of-state check (seriously?? We just moved! That's why we're here!!), running to an ATM for cash, trying to register the Jeep - but unsuccessful due to the fact we forgot one document from MN that was not required for the car since it was previously registered in SD, driving home, hooking up the remainder of the electronics, more grocery shopping, and finally dinner.

Moving is annoying. Almost as much as the governmental paperwork associated with moving. I can't imagine doing this stuff without having a few days off of work!!! But it's back to it tomorrow :)

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