Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Two Weeks in SD aka CHRISTMAS 2014 PART 1

I'm naming this year's Christmas adventure "Traveling to the Tundra" because is was D*MN cold this year in South Dakota.

We started our adventure one day early due to flight loads, which meant we were there two full weeks - one week with the Sioux Falls family (Jeff's) and just under a week with my family in Aberdeen.

Since it was a CRAZY two weeks, I'll give the quick(ish) version.  Stayed at the Mammengas in Harrisburg.  Visited Santa.  Made cookies.  Wrapped gifts.  Went to candlelight service followed by Christmas Eve with the Hartmans.  Celebrated Christmas Day at the Mammengas.

Visiting Santa


Lots of cousin time

Special Time with Grandma and Poppa

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning!

Christmas Day with everyone

and then drove through a blizzard for 3 hours to get to Warner...

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