Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, and 10 Year Anniversary!!

We decided this year we were going to CELEBRATE our 10 year anniversary - which also happened to be Thanksgiving day.

So we packed up after work on Wednesday and headed to Panama City Beach, FL, to a condo right on the beach!!

OMGWELOVETHEBEACHSOMUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #SaltLife #BeachBum #lotsasunscreen

We immediately went to sit on the deck and enjoy the weather.

Side note - we always said we wanted to retire in the Black Hills.  Screw that.  I want a place at the beach!

Our condo had 2 bedrooms so Ethan could keep on his schedule while we still relaxed, sat on the deck, and watched TV.  It was perfect.  (We used VRBO again - love that!)

Watched shrimp boats and dolphins...

We spent the whole vacation basically catching up on sleep, looking at the amazing views, going to the pool, walking on the beach, and eating shrimp.

Although our condo had a kitchen, we didn't bother with cooking on Thanksgiving - we instead went to the Saltwater Grill which was both delicious and beautiful.  And forget turkey, we had salmon, shrimp, and sweet potatoes!  Even Ethan got in on the salmon - he tried a little bit and seemed to like it!

We took Ethan to the pool, which he loved by the way...

Nervous nellie momma had a bit of a meltdown when we would get water in his mouth and sputter, so that wasn't so cool, but I am slowly learning to deal with my anxiety better...slowly...we got in the pool again the next day and it went ok!...

Oh and by the way, Happy Anniversary to MEEEE!  Looky what Jeff surprised me with!  10 YEARS BABE!

We also discovered a new favorite place - Bayou on the Beach.  We ate there twice - they literally brought in fresh oysters and shrimp and wheeled it right by us en route to the kitchen!!

On our last day, we packed up and reluctantly said good-bye to the water.

But we just couldn't bear to leave and stopped for one last shrimp platter on our way out of town, looking out into the bay at Uncle Ernie's.


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