Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dos Leches Christmas Party

Yep, as if the holiday season is not busy enough - we hosted a not-quite-impromptu-but-almost Christmas Party!  It was for all of the families of moms that I met at work in the Mother's Room.

 And that mean LOTS of young babies.  Our house wasn't baby proofed.  Or clean.  All the food and drink was prepurchased from Publix...#noshame #workingmomforthewin

We even managed to do a gift exchange.  You know, the one where you pick one from the pile and then can went "ok"...maybe not next year lol.  It seemed like a lot of additional pressure we didn't need!  But it was a fun activity.

It was a perfect time to meet the other babies you hear so much about over the curtain, and a great time for camaraderie and fellowship.

These women have become an important piece of my mama tribe and I'm super grateful for them!!!

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