Sunday, March 2, 2014

39 weeks...getting anxious

Ups - I feel 'pretty good' as in, no sciatic pain and I can actually sleep in bed all night instead of roaming the house like a nomad because my hips hurt.  Yea for more than an hour of sleep!

Downs - Passing nausea, and trouble focusing at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot seem to get anything finished and have about 2.5 good hours of solid work in me before I am totally mentally and physically exhausted.

Ups - The weather has been beautiful - spring time is totally coming.

Downs - I hurt my arch :(.  I think all of the funny walking due to ginormousness, combined with the super ass swollen feet, plus the relaxin hormones have really done a number on my right foot.  Everyone keeps saying 'walk the baby out' but my damn arch hurts!  

Ups and Downs - TMI grossness...lost the plug on Wednesday LAST WEEK and therefore thought labor was imminent.  Here we sit a week and a half later - on Peanut's due date - and NOTHING IS HAPPENING.  

I know he will come eventually.  I have to keep reminding myself not to 'wish the time away' and 'be present and mindful in the moment'.  Also to relax and just enjoy the baby wiggles and turns in my belly because in (hopefully) a few short hours / days he will not be inside me, but will be in my arms.  And that is pretty cool.

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