Sunday, August 4, 2013

Top 5 things a TV serial killer taught me

Jeff and I have been watching Dexter, and just finished up Season 2 (Ice Truck Killer season) and started Season 3 (Trinity Killer season).

I know it's kind of the premise of the show...but I more-than-relate to this serial killer at times...and I think it's ok (?).

Top 5 ways relating to a murderous member of society might be ok

1.  He takes no shit. Well, he might in the short term, possibly to keep the peace or perhaps for political or personal gain...that stare and lack of response / reacton is something I could definitely work on adapting to my own style. Also while knowing "it will work out in the end" but not in knifing kind of way.

2.  Normal social responses to absurdities are foreign to him...but that same shit being said during the internal monologues might also go through my head.

3.  Realizing you never know someone's whole story is a powerful self-discovery tool.   Harry was flawed. We all are. Sometimes it is ok to realize that and begin the acceptance process.  For them and for yourself. 

4.  Hobbies can sometimes border on obsession but you have to remember to still keep your house in order.  In my crochet heyday, I could skip meals, not sleep, wear dirty clothes...but eventually someone will notice. Balance, people.

5.  No one is normal.  Duh.

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