Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Garage Sale

If I didn't know it, feel it, and think it already...I am officially old.

 I had a garage sale. 

It's that time when you have been "out in the world" long enough to get rid of your old stuff because you have upgraded in some way.

 For example - 
coffee pot upgraded to a Keurig
 dishes upgraded to new dishes (after 10 years)
 silverware was rusted and upgraded to new stuff 
painted rooms required new artwork, so looking for an outlet for the old 
changed light fixture in the dining room because it's now a fish room
 weed whacker was corded and now is cordless 
And the list goes on... 

I actually didn't have that much "stuff" - but I took my 2 tables over to my neighbor's house last Friday and Saturday and combined, we had a whole bunch! She made out WAY better than I did, but I'm not too unhappy that I sold some of my stuff. 

Our neighborhood is also planning to have a big sale in the fall, so I will just put out the rest of it then. 

Also, my momma visited! And what better way to celebrate getting rid of your junk and making room in your house...than bringing NEW stuff in! Well, new to us anyway. 

We spent a long time at a high-end furniture consignment store, considering chairs, dining sets, headboards, artwork, curtains...you name it. We came home with quite a bit of stuff, but all at probably 30-50% of the cost of when it was new. Gotta love that!! 

We also spent a ton of time just relaxing together. Those are my favorite times when family comes to visit! So thanks for the (somewhat) laid-back time, Mom!

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