Friday, August 2, 2013


Jeff and I haven't done ANYTHING fun lately. We have been total homebodies. Because

1.  We are trying to save money. And doing cool stuff costs MOOLA. Even if its just extra gas.

2.  It's been raining ALL. THE. TIME.  Or like, 50% chance of rain which takes the fun right out of hiking.

3.  If it's not raining, it's like 80% humidity and 90 degrees.  Also not fun to be outside.

4.  All the movies I want to see are at the Carmike, which I hate. And I have a gift certificate to Regal but nothing good is playing there.

5.  We discovered Dexter. Seriously, how can two uber TV nerds have missed that one!?   No matter, we're catching up now.

At least we have True Blood to look forward to.  And the dog days of summer will be over soon...then its time for FALL CAMPING!

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