Saturday, May 25, 2013

Reasons to Celebrate

I feel so incredibly lucky.  I spent Mother's Day weekend with my mom and sister in Chicago for some serious girl time.

After a long trip of planes,  trains,  and automobiles,  I met up with the pair of them at the Auditorium Theatre in downtown Chicago.

We arrived just in time to see my girl Jillian Michaels. What better way to hear her message of "Maximize Your Life" than with two of my biggest supporters!

We learned about food and food quality (preaching to the choir on that one); exercise (I heard the phrase 'move your ass FASTER' in my head this morning; and probably the most impactful, the self-exploration session. As in, figure out your Why.  What is standing in your way. What destructive pattern are you playing out over and over. And why. A bit of light discussion :/ 

Saturday morning brought a leisurely brunch and then Spa Day!!!!! I have not had a massage since we went to Vegas and let me tell you - this did not disappoint. I think I need to go again because man was my lower back on the right side tender. Ever since I injured it a few years ago, it still flares up from time to time but I was really surprised how sore it was as she started working on it. Even after 70 lbs gone...I guess I just better keep going and strengthening the core and back! 

Saturday afternoon was a late lunch at Gage with Amy's friend Elizabeth, where apparently I ordered like a Korean because I chose five dishes...oops... Back to the hotel to drop of some stuff, then cabbed our way over to the Magnificent Mile Bloomingdale's to shop for a dress and shoes for Amy, and a new purse for Mom. 

We freshened up again to get ready for dinner at Trencherman...which also happens to be the first time Mom met Amy's new boyfriend. I think it went extremely well - the conversation flowed all evening!

Many hugs upon awakening on Sunday morning - it's Amy's birthday AND Mother's Day!!!  After an early rise to get to the airport on time, I was back in ATL for the afternoon.

Whirlwind but so worth it :) my family!

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