Friday, May 17, 2013

What to do when it's your birthday weekend

And you're determined to go camping but it's pouring rain.
1) Sleep in till 8:30AM
2) Take a long time to get dressed
3) Head to the bathroom but hang out with your honey under the overhang and watch it rain
4) Suit up with a poncho, head scarf, and umbrella to take a walk around the campground

5) Make lunch and eat by 11AM

6) Invent new names for the pop-up lake accumulating outside the door
7) Reject Lake Eloise (too ghostlike) and Lake Raven (too spooky) and settle on Lake Blackchair
8) Close eyes while waiting for birthday surprise
9) Woohoo!  Eat cake!!!

10) Open gifts - geocache swag doubling as a representative horse I am gping to learn to ride this year

11) Go for another walk while it's misting, not pouring
12) Try to rearrange outside chairs in hope of not floating away
13) Naptime...for one of us

14) Load up crockpot with chicken and veggies
15) Clean up a bit and read magazines
16) Go into town because you are a bit stir crazy and shop at the only place we could find...the Dollar Store
17) Have a Pizza Hut birthday pizza because it's STILL raining
18) Back to the campsite and tuck in for the night

32 looks good on me YALL!

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