Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ms Maddie Moo

Our Maddie went up to heaven Memorial Day weekend.

She had cancer, and the final week of her life we tried everything we could to make her better. But her kidneys and pancreas were failing and she stopped eating and drinking.  We had to make the hardest decision we have ever made as a couple, and put her down at 3:30pm on Monday, May 27, 2013. She was 10 years old.

We miss her so, so much.

As a matter of fact, I haven't been able to share anything on here since our hearts were broken so completely. I needed some time and space.

Maddie was such a huge part of our lives. We called her our cat-dog.  She waited by the back door when she heard the garage open, she was usually less than 5 feet away from us, she LOVED to "help" with projects, and she was so friendly...she loved everyone.

She was content when Jeff had a project going.  She would hop up and immediately flop on her side, whacking her tail and flopping enough that papers or whatever would go flying. 

Sometimes, if the project involved a rubber band or enticing piece of string, it was on!  She loved those thick Livestrong type bracelets; she would sit and chew and chew and chase and chew.

Maddie was so friendly that the first night she came home from the shelter, she bounded onto the bed and marched up between us, like "Hi guys!  I love you already!" and settled right in.

She was a purr machine, but snuggled in her own way.  She loved to tuck up against your leg while still sprawling out. Her favorite spot was right by Jeff's left thigh while he was on the sofa, getting petted while he watched TV.  When she was done being petted she would jump down and rest her head comfortably on scratchie, after giving it hell.  She also loved to lay on and paw at crocheted blankets. 

Some kitties are nocturnal but not Maddie.  She was a sundowner.  Most nights she'd put herself to bed - on our bed where your feet go - way before WE were ready for bed.

She loved to go outside and hang out.  One time, we let Bella and Maddie outside to explore.  While Bella was content to munch on the grass off the concrete pad, Maddie stealthily walked down the rocks lining the path, and then proceeded to stalk Bella from across the yard, sneaking up on her. Bella wasn't impressed at all when Maddie pounced!

Maddie was a constant companion for both of us.  She was hilarious, entertained us, loved us, and gave both of us so, so, so much happiness. 

I truly believe that heaven is filled with everyone you ever loved, and I know Maddie was extraordinarily loved. I know I WILL see her again someday.  But I sure do miss her today.

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