Thursday, May 12, 2011

Latex Foam Saved My Sleep

We got our new bed. It's awesome.

Jeff and I opened our eyes this morning, looked at each other with clear eyes with no rings underneath, and said, "Wow."

Our other bed had broken down into 2 pits of despair, with a mountain in the middle. We replaced it (thanks warranty) with 2 new box springs and a Sealy Latex Foam Mattress.

We decided to go with latex foam versus memory foam for a couple reasons:
1. Coolness: Latex foam is proven to be much cooler than memory foam
2. Sleep style: We are both side sleepers and it is easier to flip around on latex foam
3. You sleep "on" latex foam instead of "in" memory foam

I think our lives just got a lot better. At least 33% of our lives did!

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