Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Japan, in 3 days or less

The only way you can do this:

fly out for 13 hours on Monday
arrive Tuesday night
work Tuesday night
work Wednesday all day
go out Wednesday evening
work Thursday morning
fly back 14 hours Thursday afternoon
arrive Thursday afternoon

We had time on Wednesday evening to visit Akihabara, the electronics district in downtown Tokyo. We SUCCESSFULLY navigated an hour long bus ride from Narita to Tokyo, then Tokyo Station, then 2 train stops to get there (GO US!!!) Sidenote: In other European countries, if you know a few bits of other romantic languages you can usually figure out signs / postings / directions. But Japanese symbols are another matter!

Our schedule was soooo busy working
...I did not have time to see Mount Fuji (about an hour from Narita as well), any temples, or any Japanese gardens with bonsai or koi ponds. Or any fish stores (the Japanese are crazy about their fish tanks).

I think I need to go back for vacation!

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