Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break

I am almost 30. I have taken some AWESOME vacations the past 2 years. I have seen lots of parts of the country, and the world, I never thought I would.

Why then, praytell, am I so INSANELY jealous of everyone IN THE WORKING WORLD talking about going on spring break????

(I also did not go on a legitimate spring break vacation during the time I was in school (Chicago 2002 only counted somewhat - it was still a cold and snowy destination, not beachy and fruity-drink-filled).)

Top 5 Reasons for Spring Break Jealousy and Why I Am Mad that I am Jealous

1. Spring Break is for students. Not everyone else. The working world does not get a week off in the spring, a week off in the fall, 4 weeks during Christmas, 12 weeks during the summer, etc etc.

2. 'Students' these days that have this extended vacation are not just college kids - they are CHILDREN. Ummmmm, lots of people I work with have kids. Like, kids between 8-18 years old. Those kids have a week off for spring break so guess's totally great the parents take of an entire week to go to Cancun as well. But it's a little bummer that those of us without kids don't have a ready excuse for a spring vacation!!! (Note: This is not an official work policy, it is just when-people-choose-to-take-vacation days thing.)

3. Spring Breaking / Vacationing costs money. BOOOO.

4. I LOVE my new job. I would not want to abandon it for vacation yet, after only 2 weeks. But...I'm just sayin', vacation would be nice.

5. Pollen sucks. Not as much as cold, snowy weather, but I literally have a headache all the time and feel a little woozy. It would be ok to escape Mother Nature for a bit.

BUT, the main reason for not going this year...I am almost 30 and probably WAY to old to be on spring break. So I had better just get over it.

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