Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Sam's Club worth it?

Does a family of 2 adults really need a Sam's Club membership?

There is one recently opened in Peachtree City, and when Lois visited we took advantage of her membership to check it out.

We came across 4 items which we FOR SURE purchase at Publix or Target. We bought them, wrote down the price, figured out similar case cost at a few non-Sam's places, and determined if the $40 admission is worth it.

Note: None of the comparable items are listed with a sale or coupon price.

Our case study:
Item Package Sam's Grocery Volume Savings
Prevacid 42-count $24.82 $25.69 17 $(14.79)
Digiorno Pizza 1 pizza $4.49 $7.69 25 $(80.00)
Gatorade, orange 8-pack $4.96 $6.59 20 $(32.60)
Granola Bars 6-pack $1.69 $3.05 20 $(27.20)
TOTAL $(154.59)

So, for these 4 items it's worth it. BUT...nothing else. And we'd have to make a special trip just for these. And, if we buy anything outside of these 4 items we normally wouldn't - POOF savings gone.

We are sticking to Publix.

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Jennifer said...

You will find that it is more worth your wild when you have little ones! You can't get the diapers, wpes, potentially formula, laundry detergent, fabric softner, life vests and many other great snacks you will come to need! You will eventually find that these things come in handy and are much cheaper at Sams, but for now I agree probably not worth it for you guys!