Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going on the tarmac

Today I did a ride-along with one of my suppliers who delivers to the airport in Atlanta.

After waiting a long time to get clearance from TSA (they had to check and re-check everyone's credentials), we drove from concourse to concourse, following the daily delivery schedule. In the meantime, ALWAYS following the "Yield to Airplanes" road paint.

It's crazy that crossing the tarmac is a little like having a tentative 4-way stop but always yielding to the planes. But if it's clear - you GO!

It was awesome - but one of my favorite little parts had nothing to do with the trip. As we were tooling around, I waved at a 777 that was being pushed back by a Tug - and the captain waved back, with a thumbs up! :)

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