Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reykjavik, Iceland!

My farewell trip for Corporate Travel was to Reykjavik, Iceland! What a perfect was cold (20F) and snow for a big chunk of it...I had all the right gear!

Upon landing, it kind of looked like South Dakota (somewhat flat and snowcovered)...until you look closer and realize it is a lava field underneath with volcanos in the distance.

I really knew I was not in SD when I saw geothermal steam rising up from nearby geysers on the ride into town (it took a long time).

Iceland is tiny with only about 300,000 people and about 65% live in or around the city. Here you can see why - beautiful Esja mountain and fjords jutting into the cityscape, with quant colored roof housing below.

The national pastime is swimming and bathing since the entire island is basically a volcano with steaming hot water underground. A wondrous sight to behold is the Blue Lagoon - filled with healing white silica mud, dark volcanic sand, and water filled with blue algae and over 200 unique species of bacteria. It is said to be the closest to a fountain of youth on earth.

What a beautiful place!

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