Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy New Job Day

Today I began a new endeavor. I am so excited - I will have more project-based, and more complex, the form of FOOD!

Not just any food though - SNACKS. Something I definitely am already intimately involved with (it sounds like a relationship when you put it that way).

Also, it means less travel, which is something I am looking forward to. I really, REALLY love the autonomy and independence I have now, and the ability to see the world in the name of 'work', but it is in exchange for nights away from home and a somewhat irregular schedule.

I am hopeful this new challenge will be a perfect combination of learning experiences for me, and actually applying things I already know...AND the more consistent hours will hopefully give me time to 'workout' and 'workoff' any product tasting meetings we have.

So next time you are on board eating Biscoff and peanuts, think of me! And while you're at it, purchase a snack box, or Pringles, or M&Ms!

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