Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Yard Maintenance

Saturday was a beautiful day for yard work in Georgia. Since we are apparently the only people in our neighborhood who do not pay for a lawn service to kill weeds, fertilize, mow, and trim, we headed out bright and early (ok, noon) to hit Home Depot for supplies.

After a trip to pick up weed preventer and fire ant killer, we headed over to Pike's Nursery and purchased a WONDERFUL new spring flag (with bluebirds and a watering can) and three Red Double Knockout Roses to enhance our front azalea bed we created last summer.

We brought our goodies home and I began digging the first of three holes in our bed while Jeff mowed the lawn. Then he threw down weed preventer with our spreader while I took a break. Finally, we walked around the yard admired our handiwork and plantings from last year - I am happy to report that even with the "hard" winter that I believe all of our new plants survived: 2 butterfly bushes, 2 hydrangeas, 1 rose bush, and 3 dwarf plumbagos. Happy Spring!


Anna said...

I'm guessing since there is no mention of sunburn this time you used the items you purchased after the last yard work day. Sounds like a lovely yard!

Jessica said...

I had on a baseball hat, new "cool cotton" pants, a full t-shirt, and 100 SPF. I'm golden (well, white, technically).

TBD said...

Will you post pics of your green yard? Pretty please? I've got the itch to garden... but it will be awhile I am afraid!!

Jessica said...

Yes, I will post pics after we do more work tomorrow :)