Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gardening and sunburns

Today's temperature was around 55 degrees. Perfect weather for springtime gardening - Jeff blew some leaves around, trimmed our ornamental grass and other edging grass, cleaned out some bird feeders, and just spruced things up. I, on the other hand, undertook the massive effort of covering every inch of our front lawn with weed killer.

Since it was going to be so nice today, I decided I could wear a few less clothes. But since I also was going to be weed killing with chemical, pants were in order. That left the top half to be more exposed than normal - a tank top finished off my outfit.

Fast forward 2 hours: Jeff is done with his chores but I am out of steam with a good 20% of the lawn left. Like the wonderful mate he is, he brought me some water so I could sit in the shade and watch him finish. As I was sitting there I realized I was just NOT cooling off. Turns out, my red-haired, fair-skinned tendancies could not take the blazing March sun in Georgia. Yes. My left arm and shoulder and all of my neck are sunburned. (But not the right arm. Since I walked backwards from where I was spraying and took nice, even, long swaths as you are supposed to, my left side was always facing the sun.)

So. Our lawn is on its way to being weed-freer, the yard is spruced up, and we made a trip to Target to get Neutrogena Spray-on 100 SPF sunblock and Aveeno 70 SPF Waterproof sunblock. We talked ourselves out of the soothing aloe because we were sure there was some at home. (There wasn't.) Bye for now!

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