Thursday, October 1, 2015

Semi-public restroom fails

No, this is not how I'm potty training my 18 month old.  (BTW, who DOES that?!  He can't even walk yet.  It's not good for them, here, I proved it.)

No, this is not a personal account of my own potty escapades.

It's a post about the semi-public restrooms known as "the bathrooms at work".  I have questions (and comments).  10 of them, actually.  Because lists of 10 are awesome.

1.  Do people leave little bits of T.P. on their bathroom floor at home?  Why do people do it in every public restroom ever?  How does that even happen?

2.  There are 4 different restrooms within 1 minute's walk of my office.  How is it - every time - the one I choose is "closed for cleaning"?

3.  Why is scrubbing out the inside of the bowl the gold standard for cleaning a toilet?  No one's body parts touch it.  I'd much prefer a latch wipedown.  Or maybe a inside-of-the-stall-wall wipe.

4.  The soap sucks.  It's not foamy or good smelling and I don't think it works that great.  (I'm a handsoap snob, thanks Ecolab.  I love going to Mellow Mushroom and using the awesome ECL soap there.)

5.  Who leaves the door propped open?  I get that there is an entryway so you can' see directly in... but just close it man.

6.  It's clear the full length mirror was designed and placed by a man.  Getting a good look is impossible.  Also, selfies are impossible.

7.  While we're on the topic of bathroom design, the depth of the counter/sink when reaching to get the faucet is no bueno ...I get water on my belly every.time.  Everyone else must too, because the sink counter is always wet.

8.  Auto flushing.  Why.

9.  Toilets not bolted to the floor - that instead stick out of the wall.  Why.

10.  T.P. dispensers that are mounted to close too far back (close to the wall).  My hand doesn't bend that way, and when it finally does, I rip off a tiny little piece because of the angle.  Maybe that's why #1 occurs.

(At least I don't have this one.  But see the little tiny bits!?!?)

I know, these are totally all first world problems.  But they are annoying, IJS.  Sorry.

What workplace / semi-public restroom woes do you have?