Wednesday, October 28, 2015

19 months old

What a wonderful and joyful time to be a parent.  We are so lucky to have such a happy, if not a bit intense, toddler.

Here's a peek into life at our house...

Ethan has a bunch of words, some of which are kind of funny (don't judge them)...
Dada or daddy
Gaga (grandpa)
Bye or bye bye
mi-mi (milk), and signs it
Nigh Nigh
num num num (for food he likes)
pisa (pizza)
choo choo
This, or these (with pointing)
tweet tweet (what does a bird say)
moooo (what does a cow say)
ba ba ba (what does a sheep say)

He also does some hilarious stuff:
claps for all done (with food. with playing. with riding in the car.)
Points at his nose and eyes
Loves to 'go bye bye'
Click kick clicks his heels on the ground when he's excited
Climbs the stairs up (only) super fast
Tries to put on socks and shoes constantly, the kid loves shoes
Stacks blocks 2-3 blocks high
Still loves to put stuff "in" stuff, like animals in shoes, trains in baskets, etc
Waves bye bye to planes overhead, from RC to commercial jets
Stomps his feet to "We are the Dinosaurs" by Laurie Berkner

And some other random stuff --
Loves Curious George and Thomas the Train on tv (yeah we didn't make it to 2).
He can drink water out if straw sippy cups well, if he wants.
He loves the milk, in a bottle.  And that darn paci.  He usually only gets it at naps and night but still.
Loves his teddies and blankie in his crib, and his monkey for cuddles downstairs.
Loves to play the piano with mommy, low notes.
He's a great sleeper, one nap a day 1pm for 2-3 hours.  Bed by 8pm and he'll sleep through until 6-7am.

And his laugh. Oh my.  I'm in love.