Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Birthday weekend!!!


Guess who turned 60! and 61!  I love that they share their birthday.  It's pretty cool.  And I love they came to visit us to let us help them celebrate!

We hosted a little party on Saturday night after they arrived - BBQ chicken, salads from Fresh Market, and a cupcake for Dad and fruit tart for Mom.

(I just noticed the milk bottle and beer cans on the table.  Classy.)

Thanks to the Walkers for providing the kids to entertain Ethan (and subsequently the rest of us).  Hope you guys enjoyed our family!

On Sunday we went out for lunch at Brixx (mmm love that place, get half BBQ chicken no onions and half Americo), and walked over to Stride Rite to get Ethan his FIRST pair of real shoes!!!  At school, he needs closed toe shoes to go to the playground, once he starts walking.  Which I think will be soon because they really hinder his scoot.

He was so, so proud.  Ya'll, not even joking, he got them on and kicked kicked and then looked at all of us, just BEAMING!  It was about the cutest thing ever and totally melted a mommy's heart.

We celebrated this milestone as any good milestone gets celebrated - with ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery.  Ethan and I shared a baby scoop cup of Sweet Cream vanilla, the perfect way to end a fun outing.

Happy Birthday Grandma and Ga-Ga!

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