Monday, June 22, 2015

Shopping, and Hot Chocolate 5k-ish

This post is a flashback to January as I'm trying to catch up...

Now that Amy's dress was completely lined up, it was time to focus on the Mother of the Bride dress.

Amy and Mom decided to come back to Atlanta - to Bridals by Lori - since we had such a stellar experience with Amy's dress shopping adventure.  The weekend ALSO coincided with the Hot Chocolate 5K, which Amy and I signed up to walk together!

It did not disappoint - they had TONS of plus-size options for Mom to try on and really get an idea of how they would look.  In addition, the store was hosting two trunk shows that day so we had even more to choose from!

After a couple hours, we finally settled on a beautiful, beaded, navy dress.  I can't wait to see how she looks in July!

We got to the car - exhausted, thrilled, and thirsty.  My car wouldn't start.  The battery died!!!  I called Jeff, who was an hour away.  Amy called AAA, who was an hour away.  We had them both come and were going to use whoever came first - they came at the same time.  La vie.  We got a jump and got home just fine.

That night, Amy and I decided we were too tired to get up at 5AM for the 5K.  Besides, we had already picked up our swag on Saturday en route to the bridal store, so we had the goodies in hand.

We decided Jeff would drive out 3.1 miles to the railroad tracks, drop us off, and we could walk/run home.  Reminded me of track back in Warner!  #countrylife

It was actually really fun to do that!  Although Ellison Road is way busier than I thought, and cars get REALLY close (I will stick to my neighborhood and gravel roads from now on).

I sported my new fitbit and got 13K+ steps that day.  And we were done by lunchtime, without having to get up so early and park downtown!  So fun!

Mom, Dad, and Amy spent the rest of the day loving up on Ethan.  He loved them right back.

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