Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm so nervous to fly.

We are traveling with the baby.  Not camping.  Not a road trip. TRAVELING.  IN A PLANE.

So for all of you non-chubby bunnies out there, let me tell you - nothing is more nerve inducing than being a large-bodied, standby (unconfirmed) flyer.

First, let me be clear.  Flying standby is an amazing PRIVILEGE of being an airline employee.  I realize most people would cut off their arm to be able to have access to the opportunities we have had.  I am so thankful to work for such a great company with perks like this.

That being said, I am SOOOOO super nervous about being my post-baby size and flying with the baby in my lap.

Number 1 - you don't know if you will get a seat on the plane.  So you show up hoping the flight isn't full.

Number 2 - you almost always will get a middle seat (if you get a seat at all) because those are the last seats assigned to revenue passengers.

Number 3 - there are no requests to the gate agent for an "open" seat next to you (because the plane is usually full and because again, it's a privilege).

Number 4 - a lot of times a non-revver will get an exit row seat assigned if there are not enough upgrades. BUT if you have to use a seatbelt extender you can't sit in the exit row.  And because our seats are assigned 0.5 seconds before the door is closed there is a big flurry of activity to move people and inconspicuousness there.

Number 5 - our flight is on a regional jet which has super small seats and aisles to begin with.  I'm afraid my post-baby tush alone will encroach on my neighbor.  Who is most definitely not going to be my husband because as previously mentioned, we take what we get and seats are not usually together.

Number 6 - While my post-baby tush "might" encroach, FOR SURE my squirmy 4-month old (!) and giant chest will certainly have elbows in my neighbors air space and armrest.

Number 7 - I am a nursing mommy.  But I will not even think about trying it in flight, even if it might be better for baby's ears, hunger, disposition, etc...we are bringing a billion BM bottles.  Which will be cold.  And E doesn't drink cold milk.  So I will have to figure out how to jam it between between my legs, or under my arm, or in a scalding hot paper cup of water from the FA (yeah, not doing that one).  And then feeding it to him while again, not encroaching as much as possible.

Number 8 - this particular flight has been late leaving ATL super consistently for whatever reason (probably all the storms at our destination).  So a 3-hour flight could easily turn into a 6-hour flight with a diversion (as my parents experienced 2 weekends ago on the same route).

Number 9 - Where the heck do you change a baby on a plane?

Number 10 - As a standby passenger, our bags are not guaranteed to get to our we have ALWAYS only traveled with carry-ons.  Yeah.  This time we have 2 giant checked bags packed.  I hope they show up.

GAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I'm sure all will work out fine.  It will be worth it to get to see our families and friends when we arrive.

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Justin Hudson said...

A few tips from a person who loved to fly with baby, but thankfully did not have to deal with the standby issues!!

You can change him in the bathroom, doable just put your baby mat over the sink or the toilet lid after you wipe it down. Secondly, people actually love little babies on planes (they talk to them and mostly don't mind a little fussing if they see you are tryin to help the baby out) and the white noise of the engine and the fact his is being held he will likely love the plane too.

Let your family and friends buy all the stuff you don't need to have on the plane for him. So have them get a package of diapers, wipes, even an extra blanket and toys. Grandmas in particular like to feel helpful and the less you have to pack the better off you are. My parents when, then lived away, had everything the baby needed, so I just brought a few outfits for me and they had the rest...they even did my laundry and baby's so the trip was relaxing and enjoyable. Grandmas love to help!