Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Easter

I can't believe I'm so LATE posting these photos.  But, for the sake of archiving I'm doing it anyway.

We had a great Easter. Ethan woke up Easter morning like any other, and we got him ready to go to church.  He handled the service like a champ!  He LOVES having Mommy wear him in the carrier and was content to look around and eventually fall asleep being worn.

Little guy also really likes music and you could tell he was listening when the horns would play along with the hymns. At the end of the service, the band did a rousing and wonderful rendition of John Philip Sousa's march. Buuuut Ethan had fallen asleep and the timpani and cymbals were a bit too much for him - he woke up and immediately was hungry. So we fed him a bottle in the narthex.

 By that time, I decided it was too late to start Easter dinner (we had planned ham & scalloped potatoes with peas and deviled eggs), so we did what all good Christians do when they don't want to cook on a religious holiday - we went out for Chinese food.

Ethan also got his first Easter basket - it had a Peter Rabbit book, a chick sippy cup, a rubber duckie, a bag of jelly beans (ok those were for mommy) and a Reese's PBC bunny (ok that was for daddy). All in all a great holiday!

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