Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Trip to LA

LA in this case means...Lower Alabama (sort of).  Our 2nd trip of the year was at Florence Marina State Park, about 2 hours south of us, west of Fort Benning, right on the Georgia-Alabama state line, bumped up against the Chattahoochee River.  Still don't know where we were?  That's ok.  It was literally the middle of NO-WHERE.

No problem, though, because...

Of course, we forgot a couple things...and surely there was a town nearby to pick them up.  NOPE!  Jeff coined it, "Lumpkin: Where hope goes to die."  There was barely gas in the nearby town, let alone some last minute meds and creams we needed (ugh, don't ask).

ANYWHO, we had a great site, off of the water.  Not super shady, though, and definitely can see how HOT and HUMID it probably gets during the summer.  The gators don't mind the weather, and that means it's a fishing and boating (not swimming) kind of place if you ask me!

On Saturday, we headed just a few miles down the road to Providence Canyon State Park.  It was magnificent.

You could hike around the rim, or down into the canyone and squish through the sandy, running water of any of 6 canyon hikes.  So cool!  Unfortunately, "someone" (me) forgot the camera so this is the only photo we have.  This is definitely a must-do-again trip.

Finally, on Sunday we picked up THREE geocache logs hiking the nature trail by the water - and also set a new Travel Bug out into the wild.  Travel well good buddy!

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