Monday, March 18, 2013

Camping Meals

Eating healthy and going camping do not have to be mutually exclusive.  I know it seems counter intuitive (hot dogs, smores, chips) but you can still remain committed to eating healthfully while roughing it. Combine that with my two favorite activities (hiking and swimming, not napping and watching Homeland) and your weekend will be perfectly on plan!

Here are some easy camping weekend meals to get you started.  Oh, and seriously, just buy a Coleman stove and a nonstick pan.  And white gas and a lighter.

Friday night arrival - it's late and you're hungry. Whip these up super fast!

Egg salad sandwiches plus Cheetos (Jeff) and crudites (Jess)
- make with light wheat bread and light Miracle Whip, and boil the eggs on Thursday night with your awesome microwave egg cooker

Shredded pork sandwich plus chips or canned baked beans
- cook a pork loin in the crock pot while you're at work on Friday (1 tsp oil in the bottom plus Rendevous seasoning, dump and cook on low 6-8 hrs), then pack it in a container to heat and shred in a pan with bbq sauce upon arrival!

Ravioli with sauce
- Boil water, add ravioli and cook, strain, add jarred sauce

Beef Tacos
Cook beef and add seasoning...make tacos with all the fixins or just cheese (however you like)

Saturday lunch...trail lunch of nuts and/or protein bar, or one of the below ideas

Saturday dinner...presumably you have some time but who wants to spend more than 30 minutes cooking?

Salmon and couscous - pan fry plus boxed mix and a salad
Jambalaya with brussel sprouts - use frozen already cooked chicken and sausage to speed things up
Spaghetti - see ravioli description
Chili and fritos - the 4 can dump method
Pizza pie irons - advanced technique!  Uses campfire to cook
Bring your own grill or make sure your campsite has one (and don't forget briquettes and lighter fluid)
Hamburgers and hot dogs with popchips (Hebrew National 97% fat free dogs and light buns)
Bone in chicken breasts with wild rice and green beans
Pork chops with couscous and broccoli
Steak and baked potatoes with sugar snap peas

Breakfast is dependant on what the rest of the activities will be...mix and match as you please.
Pancakes, Bacon - use the add water and shake mix
Scrambled eggs and Bacon
Yogurt and fruit
Oatmeal / granola
Bagel with cream cheese

Other snacks!  Be careful with these...
Cheese sticks
Clif bars / Larabars
Skinny cow snacks
Apples or dried / frozen fruit

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