Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vacation Planning

I have the Travel Bug!!!  One of the great benefits of working for an can fly and vacation pretty last-minute.

We haven't taken advantage of the travel perks that much this past year, since we have been camping and hiking, and hanging out in our camper-investment (hello, we do not have infinite disposable cash-ola!).

But...sometimes you just gotta get outta town...and now that Mom and Dad had their grand adventure in Hawaii (!!!) it's really gotten me jealous...and wanting to go somewhere!

I think the Tulip Festival in The Netherlands countryside / Amsterdam in early April is on the docket, but probably as a full Kienow trip (even AMY! possibly. maybe. although I haven't asked her yet.).

But where else should we go?  NOT domestic.  NOT Mexico.  NOT too cold.  NOT too far (less than 9 hours flight please).  DIRECT from Atlanta. 

My initial thoughts - 1) Madrid; 2) Turks & Caicos; 3) Costa Rica; 4) Belize; 5) Other suggestions?

What do ya'll think?  Or should we go somewhere else in Europe (in the winter (brrr))...maybe London?  This does look wonderful though, huh?...


Megan said...

My vote is for Belize, I have always wanted to go!

SeaDawg said...

How soon are you going?

SeaDawg said...

February and March are supposed to be warm (high 70s, low 80s) and dry in Belize. I've landed there to go elsewhere, and I'd love to see it. My niece worked six weeks in Belize on an archeological expedition several years back.

SeaDawg said...

Also a good time to go to Costa Rica, I understand. Warm and dry season. Never been there, but friends have been there several times and loved it.

Marne said...

Waiting to hear.. My vote is Turks and Caicos!