Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day part deux

Things to do when you are "ICED IN" in Georgia:

Check work email constantly

Make a few phone calls based on work emails

Bake and decorate snowman and mitten cut-out cookies

Make crock pot lasagna

Clean out the spice cupboard

Dust furniture

Crochet a new blanket project


Work out on the elliptical

Paint your fingernails

Shower twice as long as normal (it's cold)

Drink way more coffee than normal (again, it's cold)

Watch DIY and HGTV constantly in the background

Play with your pets

***What would YOU do?***


Jennifer said...

Stay in my jammies and sleep! Oh thats right a run a daycare I never get a snow day so I guess I would still work!

Jessica said...

There were TONS of daycares that had snow days this week as well. And really, I am still supposed to be working from home so the jammies are a yes, but sleeping all day is a no! :)